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What is psychotherapy, how does it work and what problems does it actually help with? We answer these questions under this tab.

behavior therapy

Behavior therapy is a special form of psychotherapy. It is based on the findings of modern learning theory - assuming that every behavior can be learned, maintained, but also unlearned again. “Behaviour” is understood to mean not only the externally observable behavioral steps and physical reactions. Rather, it also includes feelings, thoughts, motives and evaluations that cannot be directly verified.

Typical elements of behavioral therapy are, for example, problem and condition analyzes for a precise diagnosis and clarification of the problem. The work is goal- and solution-oriented, behavioral exercises are often used, which can be carried out either openly (in the session or as homework) or covertly, ie only in the imagination of the patient. Classical therapeutic techniques of behavioral therapy are confrontation with, for example, fear-inducing stimuli (e.g. exposure, systematic desensitization), reinforcement ("reward") of desired behavior and cancellation ("ignoring") of undesired behavior.

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