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(prospective) colleagues

Here you will find information for young colleagues as well as job advertisements for students and for the PT2.

Job advertisements (students and PT2)


An internship position is now being offered in my practice in Mönchengladbach. In addition to the opportunity to get to know everyday practice, participation in psychotherapeutic sessions is also offered.


Tasks and activities:

As part of an internship, I offer you the chance to get to know an outpatient psychotherapeutic individual practice and exciting areas of responsibility in the healthcare system in order to gain your own experience. Important key points would be:


  • organizational support

  • Support in conducting telephone consultation hours

  • Guided execution of tests

  • Sitting in on treatments (psychotherapeutic sessions)


Flexibility and earning potential:

In addition to the flexible organization of working hours, which should not stand in the way of a possible part-time job or parenthood, there is also the possibility of earning fees through various activities.


Good accessibility:

The practice is easy to reach by car (directly off the A61, Mönchengladbach Nordpark motorway exit), but also by public transport (Mönchengladbach main station, then a bus ride to the In der Duis stop (15 minutes)).


About the person and practice:

I am a psychological psychotherapist specializing in behavior therapy and I take care of patients in a contract psychotherapist practice that is licensed by health insurance companies. The therapeutic relationship as well as schema-therapeutic methods and concrete behavioral-therapeutic methods enable me to provide a well-founded treatment with test-based quality assurance. In addition, I am politically involved in the "Young Spokesperson Team" of the DPTV, a professional association for the interests of students, trainees and newly licensed colleagues up to five years after their license to practice medicine.


Desirable characteristics of applicants are: interest in the field of outpatient care for psychotherapeutic patients, empathy and reliability. I look forward to your contact.

Notes for  the PT2:

Listed by AVT, cooperation with other institutes upon request  possible  

Please send applications to

young colleagues

I am  Member of the speaker team of the young psychotherapists in the DPtV.

Students, PiA and psychotherapists up to five years after their license to practice medicine have joined forces in the DPtV in the “Young Psychotherapists” group and are therefore represented on the association’s committees with their own topics.

The spokesperson team of the young psychotherapists in the DPtV is involved in the formation of opinions within the association through participation in the delegate meetings and the exchange with the federal executive board. The team also ensures the communication and implementation of their interests across associations at the PiA policy meeting.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me. 

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