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Practice data  Contact and our data protection information


Living space practice for psychotherapy

In Duis 78

41068 Moenchengladbach


Telephone: 0 21 61 / 51 96 009
Fax: 0 21 61 / 51 96 008

Telephone consultation hours:
Monday 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m

Thursday 1:00 p.m. - 2:20 p.m

Appointments by arrangement



1. Is data stored and why?

Personal data is only collected and used if there is a legal reason for the collection and use. We collect and use personal data only to the extent necessary to provide a functional website and our content and services. All information that serves to allow conclusions to be drawn about your person (e.g. first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number) is considered personal data. Based on your voluntary entries on the website, we collect data on the contact form (first and last name and your e-mail address), when ordering publications (content and address) and the order form for a newsletter (e-mail address). The data you enter is used solely to contact you and will be deleted as soon as it is no longer required to achieve the purpose for which it was collected. We would like to point out that there may be security gaps when data is transmitted over the Internet. Should you nevertheless use the communication channel, the use of the contact form takes place with your voluntarily given consent (Article 6 paragraph 1 sentence 1 lit a. GDPR). We do not collect any other data.  


2. What information is still collected?

When you access the website, your IP address is recorded along with the time and content of your access, as well as the previously visited website, including the amount of data transferred and a message as to whether the access was successful. The IP address is temporarily stored to ensure the functionality of the website. This data will be deleted after access to the website has ended, because the collection is no longer necessary once the purpose has been achieved (Article 6 paragraph 1 sentence 1 lit f. GDPR).


3. How is data collected?

The data collected each time the site is accessed is automatically logged; otherwise only based on your input and with the order service by a temporary cookie.


4. What is the data used for?

The data is used exclusively for the provision, optimization and security of the Internet offer. With your consent, your data will only be used to receive your message (e.g. when booking an appointment) or to process your order.


5. The data is not used...

For profiling, for advertising purposes. There is no transfer of the data to third parties.


6. What rights do visitors to the homepage have? Information, deletion, correction, objection. You can assert your rights in writing or by e-mail to the office specified in the imprint. Irrespective of this, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority at your place of residence, your place of work or the place of the alleged data protection violation if you believe that the processing of your personal data violates the General Data Protection Regulation. The contact details of the state data protection officer can be found on the website of the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection.


7. No web analysis tools (e.g. GoogleAnalytics) are used.


8. Links to other websites are for the convenience of the visitor to the website  by appropriate references in the text or with a symbol. recognizable.


9. Use of cookies In certain cases, cookies are used. If a user calls up a website, a cookie can be stored on the user's operating system, which enables clear identification when the website is called up again. However, cookies do not contain any personal data and are automatically deleted after the session has ended. In the case of a link, third-party cookies may be used without us being able to expressly point this out to you. Common browsers allow the processing of such cookies to be defined so that you can deactivate the storage of these cookies in your Internet browser or set the type of processing by your browser. Deactivation does not guarantee that you will be able to access all functions of this website without restrictions.


10. Note on encryption: Since personal data can be collected, encryption of the data is ensured. This website supports secure access via the HTTPS/SSL protocol and e-mail encryption with PGP/GnuPG.  

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